Online Slot Rules

At the most basic of levels, there is probably no simpler game to play than slots. All you really need to do is decide how much you want to bet and pull the lever (or press 'spin'). You are then paid out according to a pre-determined payout table and your account is credited. However, a closer look will show that as slot machines developed over time, more and more features were added and today players need to have a basic understanding of slots rules to truly get the maximum out of their gaming. One of the best pieces of advice is to seek out the games for free to learn how to play slots and familiarize yourself with the different rules and concepts beforehand.

Coin Values in Online Slots

One thing that players sometimes find confusing is the issue of coin values in online slots. Essentially, you need to choose

a) The value of the coin you wish to play.

b) The number of coins you wish to play.

This means that if you want to make a five coin wager on a coin with a 10c value, you will be paying 50c a wager.

Slots Rules for Different Variations

While the basic premise of slots remains the same, many new features have been added over the years. To understand them we bring you some examples of some of the variants you may come across:

Multi Line Slot Games

The original slot games rewarded you if three of the same symbols landed on the center line. However, with the creation of new variants, multi-line slots came into being, allowing players to activate other lines in the game simply by adding more coins. This means that even if the required symbols don't land on the middle line, players can still be paid out if the symbols match on other activated lines. Multi lines can also be played by landing symbols horizontally, diagonally or even at specific angles.

Multiplier Slot Games

A multiplier slot game is played with the objective that the more coins inserted, the more money is up for grabs. This means that if a player lands three symbols on a one coin wager, the slot game will pay out $1, but if three symbols are landed with a five coin wager, it will pay $5. Some multiplier slot games will pay out more if players wager the maximum amount.

Progressive Slot Games

A slots game with a fixed jackpot is one where the top prize is a pre-determined number, which doesn't increase or decrease during the course of the game. When specific symbols are hit, the fixed jackpot is paid out and the same amount will be paid the next time the jackpot is hit.Progressive slot machines, however, are those with a jackpot which begins at a certain amount (known as the seed) and grows each time the progressive jackpot fund is added to when the game is played. Some online progressive slot machines have jackpots that reach literally millions of dollars and have made happy players multi-millionaires instantly.

Different Online Slots Features

When playing online slots today, players will come across many different bonus features which have the potential to reward them well. These include wild symbols, bonus rounds, scatter symbols and progressives, each with their own definitions and rules.

Wild symbol

The purpose of the wild symbol is to stand in for other symbols in the game (usually all, except the scatter symbol) to create winning combinations.

Scatter symbol

Scatter symbols in online slots generally trigger a payout or generate a bonus game, irrespective of where they land on the reels. Slots rules differ from game to game, but at least two scatters are usually needed to see a payout, and three to see a bonus game activated.

Free Spins

One of the things that the scatter symbol may activate is a free spins bonus round. This means that players will be rewarded with free games that can be played in addition to the games that are paid for. Many times, players enjoy extra bonuses during the free spins, such as multiplied winnings.

Bonus Games

Many slots bonus games are played on a second screen, making them 'games-within-games' with their own rules. Bonus games will differ from machine to machine.