Online Craps Reviews

Craps is a casino classic at ExcellentSlots and combines the relaxation of betting with friends at home with the atmosphere and winning potential of betting at a casino. The game dates back hundreds of years and is to this day often played on sidewalks and living room floors by people all over the world. However, when you mention the game of Craps, the image that is brought to mind is people gathered around those chest-high tables that every casino player knows the look of all too well. Read on to find out how it works, and whether it fits your taste and style. This is the rules of traditional Craps, and once this one is understood, the many variations will come naturally.

Throwing an "online dice"

With the vast majority of online casinos for Android and iPhone, there is not a dice thrower, nor can you be the one throwing the dice. The dice will land based on the odds algorithm of a real dice throw, and the game is played as if you were sitting around a land-based craps table placing bets. The software also will not let you throw chips down in areas that you cannot place them, taking away much of the pressure of being a newcomer in a land-based casino. The privacy of the home is a judgment-free zone. When it is stated that the dice "totals" a number, that means the two numbers on the dice are added together. You can also bet on what those two numbers will be. The game starts with the hockey puck looking marker on its black side, labelled "Off." You can place bets in some areas around the table, all based on guessing how the dice will land.

Betting Areas

The "Pass Line" is the most commonly utilized betting area, because the odds of winning on it are the highest on the board, though the payout is the lowest with its double or nothing structure. If the first dice thrown total seven or 11, you win on the pass line bet, but if they total two, three, or 12, you lose. However, you can also bet against the pass line, so if a two or a three is rolled, you are paid out, and if a 12 is rolled, you get your bet back. If any of the not aforementioned numbers are rolled, the hockey puck is flipped to the "On" side and placed in that number's bet box at the top of the table.

When the white "On" side of the marker is up, you can place bets on more areas. Each betting area, when you hover your cursor over them, displays the odds payout. You can also check the "Help," "Rules," or "Paytable" section of the game to see what numbers and what betting areas result in what payout. The number the dice thrower puts the marker on decides what dice totals you'll be looking out for. For example, if the dice totals five, the white marker is placed in the five spots. If a five is rolled before a seven is rolled, you win on the pass line bet, but if a seven is rolled, you lose. You can also "Take Odds" at the pass line, which results in even higher payouts.

By placing a bet in the "Come" section, you win if the roller throws a total of seven or 11. You can bet on what total will flip the marker, whether the thrower will toss a six or an eight, or place a "Field" bet, which pays out when any of the numbers in that section are thrown, and double when the totals are two or 12. When you bet on what specific two numbers will be thrown, that results in the highest payouts. If the bet area is red, that means that they only apply to one throw. Otherwise, they remain on the board until the coin is flipped back to the black off side.

Learn How to Play Craps

The game of Craps certainly seems confusing at first, but pass line and field bets are great places to start to get the feel for it. At Excellent Slots, we are confident that anyone can get the hang of it quickly, and the gameplay flow and bet placements will become second nature in no time. Most of the major online casinos also allow free play mode where you can place bets using demo credits and get a feel for it before you put your own money on the line.